Michaels ‘SexFood’ Rehab Synopsis

First things first. Review this.
Nothing I say is absolutely true.
Take what you need.
Remember “message over the messenger”.
When finished, review the Trivium again & proof with logical fallacy vetting.

The layout of this blog will include 3 types of posts in equal rotations:

FIRST TYPE: a blog with short bullet point tidbits that follow a Taoist-inspired format of simplicity. *similarly to this below*

I Have experientially found results in Vipassana meditation as the most reliable spiritual tool for any homeowning human being, as well as victim of sexual abuse and cult mind control.

In its restorative clarity to the sensations of my feet, hands, penis and wounds.

The practice is non-dogmatic, non-sectarian and the closest resemblance to a peer-reviewed scientific process of observing matter & sensation.
***Disclaimer*** sensitive information below.
Still appropriate for ALL CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH.

SECOND TYPE: a blog of 2-3 minutes length •”how-to’s” of organizing using a GTD system •screenshots, “Screen-time” blocks on iPhone • check-ins & voice memos on Mental Illness •intimacy progressions AND transgressions, •biweekly forecasts •Thursday Mornings and Sunday Nights.

THIRD BLOG TYPE: long format blogs to be published professionally about:

•men’s sexuality & mental health
•Sex and Porn Addiction
•audios of my Coursework exercises on beliefs, identities etc.
•child psychology & Waldorf education

Let’s collectively remove from our minds hedonism, pornography, rape, parasitism & dehumanization in our own lives.

The result of this will be an end to
child trafficking, organ/pineal gland harvesting, and underground experimental projects of non-consent.
This information can make you angry, confused, worried or feeling stuck in a
“fixed attention lens”.

Always ask for help and talk it out.
I have exercises to support us both. Sexfoodrehab@protonmail.com
➡️Michael Parrinello, everywhere else
Archangels, Angels each come with a Daemon.
Who do you serve ? @SECRETENERGY.COM
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